Jim Carrey did not forgive Will Smith for the Oscar scandal

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The comedian reproaches his colleague for a ruined evening.

Although Jim Carrey is famous for his humorous roles, he continues to be extremely serious in life. Especially when it comes to such important things as the Oscars. Will Smith’s misdeed – whether directed or not – disgusted the 60-year-old artist.

“It simply came to our notice then. Many people worked hard to get there. Being nominated for an Oscar is no easy task. You need to dedicate yourself completely to work. And it was very selfish of him to ruin everything like that, ”said Jim.

In the comments for Variety Kerry, among other things, explained how Chris Rock had to react to a slap from Smith:

“I would say in the morning that I am suing Will for $ 200 million, because this video will now remain on the Web forever. This insult will be remembered for a long time. You have no right to go on stage and hit a person in the face just for the words! “

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