Jim Carrey, 60, is leaving Hollywood

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The celebrity managed to star in 67 projects.

Jim Carrey has announced that he is ending his acting career. The artist will return to the cinema only for the sake of an important film for the audience.

According to the celebrity, he is serious about his decision and plans to dedicate himself to a quiet life and art. At the same time, he is sure that he has already done enough for cinema and Hollywood, so he can safely retire.

“I could continue in the same spirit, but I’m taking a break,” the artist said in an interview with the publication. Access Hollywood.

However, Kerry noted that the producers still have a chance to invite him to their film or series. The “Masks” star will return to his work if he believes that the project will benefit viewers, and not be just making money or entertainment.

It should be noted that Bruce Willis recently announced the end of his career. According to the artist’s representatives, in recent years he has been suffering from aphasia – a mental disorder due to which he cannot perceive speech, read and write. This was the reason for the artist’s retirement.

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