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Jennifer Lawrence and Cook Maroni became parents for the first time

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Cook Maroni and Jennifer Lawrence

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and art critic and art agent Cook Maroni have given birth to their first child. The date of birth and sex of the child are not reported.

Lawrence’s pregnancy became known in early September. Then the representative of the Hollywood star in an interview with People confirmed that soon the family of his ward will be replenished. The agent did not give any other details of the actress’ pregnancy.

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence

The couple themselves also refrained from commenting on the subject. At the same time, Jennifer did not try to hide from reporters and calmly appeared in public with a round belly.

Jennifer began dating Maroni Cook in 2018, a year after parting ways with director Darren Aronofsky. The couple’s relationship developed rapidly: in 2019, the gallery owner made an offer to the actress, in the same year they played a magnificent wedding, which was not allowed to reporters.

Jennifer Lawrence

In her rare conversations with reporters about her personal life, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that Cook is the best person she knows. According to the actress, she accepted the offer to marry him without any hesitation.

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