Jejun (F.CUZ) and T-ae (RaNia) got married

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Another couple tied the knot!

April 3 Jejun from F.CUZ (Shim Yejun) and T-ae from RaNia (Lee Tain) married in a wedding hall in Gangnam, Seoul.

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Among the celebrities present were Kisop (U-KISS), Lumin (ex-F.CUZ) and blogger Ha Jae Yoonand the congratulatory song was performed by the soloist Im Khan Böll.

On the same day Jejun published in Instagram screenshot of the participants’ chat F.CUZin which the members congratulated the young couple.

February 10 Jejun announced his engagement by publishing a handwritten letter in his account Instagram. Since then, the couple has regularly shared with fans the details of preparations for the wedding, in particular, romantic photos with their wedding photo shoot.

Meanwhile Jejun debuted as McNae F.CUZ back in 2010 and began his solo career in 2019 with the single “After Shower”. T-ae debuted in the lineup RaNia in 2011 and now works as a model.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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