Jeanne Friske’s sister broke up with the father of the future child

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Jeanne Friske’s 35-year-old sister Natalia recently announcedthat will soon become a mother. In the Instagram store, the star answered subscribers’ questions about her personal life.

A relative of the singer shared that the pregnancy is easy, she already knows the sex of the future child and chose a name for him, but so far leaves it a secret. Friske also added that he is not married and is not going to tie the knot. The father of the future child does not support Natalia during this period, the child will bear the surname Friske.

“We are not talking. We broke up because we are different. I’m uncomfortable with him. And I didn’t love him. Yes, he knows. I left him and I do not regret it. I had a super quiet pregnancy. While I was with him, I had some nerves. For me, a child is more important than a man, ”Friske said. The star’s parents are looking forward to replenishment and will support her all the time.

Recall that Natalia is the younger sister of Jeanne Friske. Like a famous relative, she tried to succeed in show business, but eventually found herself working as a stylist.

The star announced the addition to the family in a personal blog, posting a photo from the “pregnant” photo shoot. However, Natalia did not disclose the child’s father.

The child will be the first for Natalia.

In January, Natalia confirmed the novel with a young man named Alexander. From 2013 to 2019, the singer’s sister was married for the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergey Vshivkov.

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