Jason Schreyer’s second book will hit Russia on September 28

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To be continued “Blood, sweat and pixels” under the authorship Jason Schreier is being prepared for publication in Russia. A new book on the dark side of video game development will go on sale on September 28.

The book will be called in Russian «Press Reset. How the gaming industry is ruining careers and giving a second chance. “ In it, Schreyer will talk about what happens to developers after the closure of studios. The heroes of the stories will be the authors BioShock Infinite, Epic Mickey, Dead Space and many other games.

The publishing house will press “Click Reset” “Bombora”. You can pre-order through OZONE for 654 rubles (it seems that later the price tag will grow to 949 rubles). Note that the site states that the book will appear in retail only on October 8. Perhaps then the second stage of sales will start.

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