Jared Leto refused to go out of his image on the set of “Morbius” – the actor went to the toilet on crutches or a wheelchair

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The director confirmed that the breaks in the bathroom were so long that the actor was persuaded to move to a wheelchair.

The fact that Jared Leto took the role of the sick scientist Michael Morbius seriously, in an interview with Uproxx told comic book director Daniel Espinosa.

The protagonist of “Morbius” suffers from a rare blood disease that gradually destroys his body. Therefore, before obtaining special vampire skills, the scientist moves exclusively on crutches.

Espinosa confirmed the stories that during the filming of “Morbius” Leto refused to go out of his image, so even went to the toilet on crutches – like his character. Such breaks began to prolong the filming process, so the actor was asked to move to a wheelchair so that he could be quickly delivered to the bathroom, and then back to the site. Summer agreed.

Espinosa believes that in this way Leto wanted to better get used to the image of a man who suffered almost all his life because of his rare disease. According to Espinosa, in such moments he, as a director, can only support his actors as much as possible.

Despite Leto’s efforts, Morbius received sharply negative reviews from critics, and in the United States the film started twice as bad as the first Venom.

“Morbius” started in the United States twice as bad as the first “Venom” against the background of devastating reviews from critics

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The film topped the box office, however will not success for Sony.

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