Japanese filmmakers have signed a petition against harassment following allegations from victims

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Well-known Japanese filmmakers have signed a petition against sexual harassment in the film industry. About this reports international agency Associated Press. Supporters of the petition include Palm Branch laureate Hirokazu Koreed (Shop Thieves), Jury Prize winner Kanji Koji Fukada (“Harmony”), open-air drama director Miwa Nishikawa and many others.

Harassment of women is described in the petition as “unforgivable”.

Probably, the reason for the statement was the accusations against the famous Japanese director Hideo Sakaki (“City for Life”). According to NPR, there were four women in early March stated about harassment by Sakaki in the media. After that, the premieres of his films Confession and “Alarm” were postponed. The director did not admit his guilt.

NPR also noted the rise of the #MeToo movement in the Japanese film industry.

At the end of 2021, a loud scandal exploded after accusations against the actor of “Sex in the Big City” Chris Not; his role in the sequel “And Just So…” was cut as well fired from the series “Equalizer”.

Allegations of harassment continue to change more than just the film industry. At the end of March, Activision Blizzard settled one of the lawsuits filed.

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