Jan Tsapnik: “He doesn’t care about everyone”

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A stern bandit, a self-confident businessman, a foolishly naive minister, a tyrant dad… Jan Tsapnik easily agrees to experiments, and here’s a new challenge. The brutal actor, who once served in the landing, in the new project will play a fashion designer, a legend of the catwalks, restless and narcissistic.

In the series “Fashion Syndicate” (STS), the hero of Jan Tsapnik becomes a tool in the hands of a very rich and very tasteless lady (starring Maria Gorban), in order to legalize not very honest money.

“He doesn’t care about everyone”

Tsapnik served in the landing and as a veteran of the Airborne Forces in the comedy “Bitter!” felt easy and free. Photo: frame from the movie

– Ian, it seems that you willingly agree to comedy roles, right?

– No, of course… You know, in any case, accepting an invitation, you in the first days… How to say it… You swim like a daisy in a hole, you do not understand that you are playing, who. And you’re not very confident.

But I have a motto in life: the actor must play everything. What’s the difference between crying or laughing? Here is one Hamlet dreams of playing, and he is told: and you better play a cheerful mound in the sunny meadow! Hamlet will be played by any jerk, and here you need real talent.

– There is no feeling that you agree to any role…

“Yes, I can’t say I’m omnivorous.” Moreover, when I first read the script of “Fashion Syndicate”, I did not understand everything there. We all got together with the producers, and I started like this: guys, I love you all, I have a friendly relationship with everyone, but let’s part as friends. On the shore, not in the middle of the river. Some things are famously written, and some… I just did not understand how to do it. It was then that I realized that I had to play a fucking maniac. And he doesn’t care about anyone, he’s fucked up. And in such a reading much becomes clearer, easier. We talked for a long time, and in the end I agreed to play. I hope that no one will regret it.

– The world of fashion is literally woven of stereotypes. Did you draw your fashion designer from someone?

“You can’t draw here.” You’re not Lagerfeld. You are not Yudashkin, not Zaitsev. They are different, they are all different. Well, I read their biographies. And I had to understand from what I read why my hero is so crazy. Here he yells at everyone, kicks everyone. He is a monstrous cynic. He shouts: I will not allow the estimate to be cut, if Pegasus has his wings cut off, he will become an ordinary horse! But it is the fact that he is crazy that justifies him.

On the other hand, I have the same trait: if you treat your work with fanaticism, then what trait does another person in your profession treat differently? Why can he be half an hour late? Do your job after the sleeves or not at all. It all infuriated me!

So in something I understood my hero perfectly.

“This bar will not add anything”

In the famous series
In the famous series “Brigade”, the actor played a classic businessman of the 1990s. Photo: frame from the series

– One of the main stereotypes about the world of fashion: all designers of non-traditional orientation. Did you somehow beat this moment?

– Yes, we thought about this topic… You know, Oleg Basilashvili and I rehearsed the play “Costume” based on the play by Ronald Harwood. I played the costume designer, and he played Sir John, and it was written in the play that these characters live together. But in this performance, all this did not fit into the framework, because I am much younger, and Basilashvili is much older.

No problem playing homosexuals, please, they were discharged, but they were the same age. And we are different. And we moved away from the topic of homosexuality. Basilashvili’s hero is old, he doesn’t want anything anymore, and my hero lights him up, shares his energy with him. And when we thought about my fashion designer, we realized that this touch will not add anything, will not change. His madness covers everything, explains everything.

– Now it is difficult to make movies for everyone, young people and adults have less and less common themes. Who is your series for?

– Oddly enough, a difficult question. Again, I remember an example from the theater. When I served at the Bolshoi Drama Theater, we had the most complex play based on Dumbadze, called “Sunny Night.” A long performance! I have the main role there, and I only went out in the intermission to make up.

It was somewhere in 1998, and it would seem, why the younger generation? They have never heard of Stalin, of repression, of Beria. And we were shocked when they came and it bothered them. They stared at each other. And I sincerely hope that our series is for any audience.

“There is always fear”

Jan and his favorite women are his wife Galina and daughter Elizaveta.  Photo: Instagram
Jan and his favorite women are his wife Galina and daughter Elizaveta. Photo: Instagram

– You starred in the series “The Last Minister” – you have a very strange but nice hero turned out.

– The script is not very smooth, there are different series. It’s pretty hard to play such a holy freak. He is the purest character, sincerely believes in everything. Such madness is on the verge of idiocy.

– The series can be called satirical. Now everyone reacts painfully to satire. Wasn’t it scary to play a minister?

– Well, there is always fear. The fear of not being taken will not be confirmed when you want to play something to the point of pain. When I jumped in the army with a parachute, it was scary every time. Here somewhere here something waits and freezes. The soul goes to the heels. It’s always scary. The first day of filming is terrifying. I’ll tell you even more, before the performance many venerable artists run to the toilet.

– Absolute self-confidence is a bad sign for a creative person?

“Of course.” As soon as you start liking yourself, it’s over. You will become one of the many former good artists who now sincerely do not understand what they are doing. There used to be good artists, everyone around says: well done, well done. Of course! And he already believes.

– Are you a flexible artist on the site? Or can you raise a fuss?

– When how. Sometimes it seems to me that producers will kill me because I bring cakes, chocolates for costume designers and make-up artists to the site. And the same time, filming days, money… But recently a few takes due to extraneous sounds. How I shouted! Five minutes, no less! But, you know, there was perfect silence after that. I thought I was offended, but it’s not like that. But in general, to get me, you have to try very hard. I am not a conflicted person.

– It is believed that our country has a big problem with scenarios. Do you agree with that?

– Yes, this is a monstrous problem. Take the bad artists, take the good artists. And if you don’t have a script, it won’t change anything. So I try to give up all the crap. Who is writing now? EGE generation? Sometimes you want to ask: who told you that you can write? Isn’t this Scorsese’s Apostates? Well, yes, he says, adapted a little… And where are your ideas? Whether the school is leaving, or something else is happening…

– But now with the advent of online cinemas, more and more series are being shot. Golden age for the actor, because there is always work…

– Of course, it’s good for the actors. There are sometimes very sensible youngsters, and some very interesting things are the scenarios. Unfortunately, the level of projects is very uneven, then something decent, then complete nonsense…

– There is a lot of talk now about the culture of abolition, when for a misdemeanor in the eyes of society and acting careers are interrupted, and even films are shot. How do you feel about such a purge?

– It seems to me that all this was started by some reptiles, which simply have nothing to do.

How many good paintings did the same Harvey Weinstein make. And now he has been deleted from all over for some ancient harassment. It’s kind of game, honestly.

– Is something like this possible for us in the future?

“Hardly, I don’t think so.” We have a slightly different mentality.

– On the other hand, children are now growing up with some kind of mentality.

– Yes, and that’s awful. My God, there are such little animals with a phone. They are not interested in anything. “Who do you want to be?” – “Blogger”. Or a ticker. Sometimes it seems to me that humanity will degenerate into mice, and then begin to develop again. Earlier they said with slight contempt – “peteushnik”. Yes, all peteushniki are geniuses compared to those who have grown up now…

  • “Fashion Syndicate”
  • From March 14, Mon. – Thu / 19.00

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