James Gunn talks about Peacemaker’s sexual orientation: “He is omnivorous”

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Everyone who watched closely Peacemakeralmost immediately found out that sexually the hero John the Great not too picky. For those who do not understand the hints, James Gunn later made an obvious emphasis on Christopher Smith’s attraction to men.

Now the director began to explain why the Peacemaker is bisexual and why it was necessary in the context of the series.

The peacemaker is a hypersexual guy, and that has led him to sexual omnipresence, in many ways. I think it’s interesting because Adebayo is traditionally traditionally liberal, but she’s incredibly conservative sexually – she’s married to one woman. And their relationship is monogamous. The peacemaker is incredibly liberal when it comes to sex. He is a hedonist.

So don’t bother – the guy is just drawn to everything that moves.

By the way, this wonderful idea belonged to Sina himself. According to Gunn, even during the filming of “Suicide Squad”, he allowed the actors to improvise, and Sina immediately said that his character is interested in both women and men. In general, now you know who to thank.

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