James Gunn delighted with the Guardians of the Galaxy special issue: “The best thing I’ve ever done in my life”

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James Gunn considers a holiday special issue Guardians of the Galaxy his best creation of all life.

“Holiday Special” is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. It is completely ridiculous, it is unbelievable every day that we are working on it. Everyone loves this project so much. He doesn’t look like anything anyone has ever seen. I can’t wait for everyone to look at it. It will be out very soon – well, you know, for Christmas.

James Gunn

Yes, and the truth, “soon” – a relative concept. In addition to the release time, it is known that several new MCU characters will debut in the special edition.

In addition to Marvel’s work, Gunn is actively developing projects for the DC universe. He shot “Peacemaker” for HBO Max and plans to make a few more series about other characters in the movie universe, but for now argues about the psychological trauma of the pseudo-pacifist and his sexual orientation.

And Gunn will appear in the DC cartoon “Harley Quinn”.

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