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Jacqueline Kennedy was not just the first lady of the tragically deceased US President John F. Kennedy and the wife of shipowner Aristotle Onassis. She became one of the most famous style legislators in history, whose images from the fashion houses Chanel, Givenchy and Dior are still considered classics. Jackie, as she was called in the press, tried her hand at cinema and worked as an editor in major publishing houses. And she did not achieve all this thanks to her famous name.

According to Jacqueline’s memoirs, she was a drunken reader as a child. Instead of daytime sleep, the girl preferred to read secretly. She came across mostly adult books, which were not the age of the baby. This did not prevent her from falling in love with the work of Anton Chekhov and Bernard Shaw. Among the children’s books, Jackie singled out the adventures of Robin Hood, “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling and “Ivanhoe” by Walter Scott. As she got older, she received a bachelor of arts degree in French literature.

Jacqueline considered books her true friends. She always found some time for them, even as the mistress of the White House. IN In the 1970s she was invited to work as an editor. She worked for Viking Press and Doubleday, perhaps the most famous publishers in America.

What books did Jacqueline Kennedy read for herself and not for work? Biographers do not pay much attention to Kennedy’s literary preferences. Still, why talk about books, when everyone is wondering how to become the wife of a Greek billionaire from the widow of the American president. IN In this respect, William Kuhn’s book Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books is unique in its own way. Its pages show that the former first lady of America is not just a style icon and a secular lioness. The real Jacqueline is revealed through the books that this independent and strong woman kept on the bookshelf.

In her work, Kuhn mentions that Jackie loved ballet. She gave up her desire to become a ballerina while still a student, but her passion for ballet remained with her forever. In her youth she began to collect books on this topic. Already working in publishing houses, Kennedy published books about the most important dancers of the XX century.

Here is a list of what Jacqueline Kennedy read.

  • Dharma Tramps, Jack Kerouac
  • Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell
  • “Portrait of Dorian Gray”, Oscar Wilde
  • Stories by Anton Chekhov
  • Poetry of Lord Byron

Below are a few words about these books.

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