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Prospect Publishing House has published a book.


“Mosfilm. History and movies. Complete illustrated catalog.

2022; 760 pages; circulation 1000 copies.

As the publishing house announces the book, based on a painstaking study of a huge array of documents and pictorial materials, the book tells in detail and fascinatingly the history of the formation and development of the film studio “Mosfilm”. The great advantage of the book is the section on the process of film production. On the example of only three films, the author managed to give an idea of ​​how the work on “Mosfilm” in different decades. I mean a detailed story about the creation of iconic films of Soviet cinema – “Andrei Rublev”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession”, “Courier” – based on archival materials. For the first time in almost a century of Mosfilm’s history, a detailed catalog of all the films created at the studio has been presented. The catalog is provided with a large amount of accompanying information, it presents cycles of films, as well as their various versions and variants, the names of all series, parts or short stories included in the main pictures. In this section, there are very interesting references to documentaries “films about films”, which tell about the creation of many films and contain interviews with directors and actors on the set. The publication is intended for a wide range of publishers.

Author Gayane AMBARTSUMYAN – Head of the Public Relations Department of the Mosfilm Film Concern and the Mosfilm – Info Information Center, historian of education, specialist in the history of Mosfilm. He has been working at the studio for more than thirty years – today there is hardly another person who has studied in such detail a huge layer of materials on film production.

«Catalogs for business and internal needs in the studio, of course, existed before. However, none of these editions were complete – they were usually yearbooks, or special editions for film festivals with brief information about the film’s creators and actors. With the development of the Internet, the opening of the online movie theater “Mosfilm” and the official Youtube channel, “Mosfilm-Info” constantly collected and systematized information about the films, making it public. Of course, not all the studio’s films are presented on the Internet, and the request for a full description of the film library has always been enormous – from the media, television and film critics. Therefore, it was decided to record this information in hard copy. And not in the form of a newspaper summary, but bright, colorful, interesting and meaningful. That’s how this book came to be. I would like to add that this is the first such publication in almost a hundred years of our studio’s existence“, – said Gayane AMBARTSUMYAN (

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