Ivan Urgant appeared online again

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Subscribers left a lot of comments under the post. “YouTube has existed since 2005, that is, 17 years, so do not exaggerate. But the essence is clear “,” Masterpiece, Vanechka “,” Looks like Leps “,” Bored without you on TV “,” Laughed from the heart “,” What a sweet Ivan … clip – typical of the early 90’s. Sound – in the style of “mother-in-law’s birthday”, “Full of crap”, “What nonsense was not removed”, – they wrote.

The day before, Ivan Urgant’s friend Irena Ponaroshku posted a photo of herself together on social media. “Ivan Andreevich, why don’t you tell everyone that you are in Moscow, that you don’t sell any real estate, that you don’t emigrate anywhere, that you only left for a few days on family matters? “Because, Irena, to justify yourself is humiliating: whoever needs to, understands everything,” she signed the photo. thereby making it clear that the showman remains in Russia.

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We will remind, on March 11 Ivan together with a family went on vacation to Israel. “Don’t panic. They let me go on vacation, and I will take it and come back soon, ”Urgant said at the time. Issues “Evening Urgant” did not show on Channel One, as the broadcasting network was changed in favor of socio-political programs. However, no one planned to close the show. Also in the media there was information that Urgant sells a house in Rublevka. Allegedly, mold appeared in the mansion, which was the reason why Ivan decided to get rid of the property.

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