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“It’s time to become cancer”: half-naked Volochkova infuriated the Russians

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46-year-old Anastasia Volochkova caused outrage among her subscribers by posting her candid photo, despite the situation in Ukraine.

The scandalous ballerina posted a spicy photo on her Instagram page, in which she appeared in sexy lingerie. The star flaunted her charms, covering her crotch with her palm.

“Often I learn the information invented and invented about me, and I’m amazed. How sophisticated fantasy many have. And most often take the courage to judge, condemn, slander and point out how to live or with whom and what to do, people who do not know man personally and not knowing him at all. Let’s be kind to each other. In communication and deeds. In difficult times it is necessary to unite kindness, light of soul, creativity, music .. And, most importantly, to remain human in all circumstances. Take care of yourself and loved ones ” , – the celebrity signed the photo.

However, the peaceful tone of Volochkova’s post did not work. Many of the ballerina’s subscribers attacked her, embarrassing her for wanting to show off her charms, despite the difficult situation in the world.

“Aren’t you ashamed to show pictures of such a plan at such a time?”, “It’s time to become a cancer”, “Enough of exposing your charms, now is not the time”, “In difficult times it is necessary to grimace? – quotes Web users “Express newspaper”.

The day before, Anastasia Volochkova went to the New Jerusalem Monastery in Istra to pray because of the current situation in Ukraine. In the video from the territory of the holy place, the celebrity appeared in skinny jeans and a short fur coat with a leopard print, outraged Web users.

“Read what you need to go to church. Jeans are inappropriate. There are no brains at all”, “Solid show. Just to shine with your feet”, “Naked belly is visible, really nothing more decent for the temple could not be worn?”, “And why the monasteries in pants? Take off these porticoes and put on a skirt “, – users of the Network wrote.

After that, Anastasia Volochkova published a post on her page, in which she responded sharply to her critics.

My dears. Many write that they do not go to the Temple in jeans ?! Yes, you are in your mind, good sinless people ?! Yes, what did I go with a loved one, and that’s why I went to the Temple! What is important is not what the person came to pray for, but what he has in his heart .. Many would now like to be in my place at the foot of the Monastery where I prayed .. For all of you ” , – wrote the star.

According to Volochkova, in Greece such places are allowed even in shorts and without handkerchiefs. The ballerina called the clothes “formalities”.

Did you want to see me there in high heels? Or in an evening dress? Come to your senses, people! In what she was, in that she came. I came to pray for you. Do you want to condemn me for that? I forgive you. In jeans .. Did you come to pray at all? I will tell you so. “Forgive, O Lord, these poor in spirit, for they do not know what they are doing.” Then you condemn me for being in Maybach, then for living in a luxurious house that I have suffered through life and work, then for my greatness .. Then you want to see me poor and unloved. Don’t wait! I love life! The main thing that they will not be able to forgive me is my SUCCESS in everything. But about jeans in the temple, praying for you, it’s a bust, my dears .. God forgive you

How wrote Ruposters Life, previously Olga Buzova spoke about the situation in the world, illustrating the photo post in a bikini, for which she ran into criticism from Internet users.

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