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It’s time for the Lions to go on the offensive, and Pisces is better to trust intuition / – Far East Information Agency

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The general astrological forecast for the week from March 28 to April 3 for all zodiac signs.

Aries. Be careful with new acquaintances and do not make rash promises. Many seemingly insignificant little things can later have a negative impact on the implementation of important projects.

Taurus. Habitual carelessness can be too costly for you. Be alert, do not yawn. Events that seem insignificant may take on a different, more important meaning.

The twins. The period will be especially difficult if you can not control heavy or difficult emotions. Harsh remarks and high-pitched conversations will not help in business or personal life.

Cancer. A week for Cancer can be quite fruitful. You should not give up intensive work and overtime. The position of the planets promises Cancer new opportunities in relationships with management.

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Lion. If you are afraid of failure all the time, it will start to happen. If you constantly avoid the new, it will still enter your life, but already opening the door with a kick. It is time to move from a deaf pessimistic defense to a cheerful optimistic offensive.

Virgo. There is a possibility of cash flow, you may receive a bonus. Try to deal with important documents and reports at the beginning of the week, it may depend on your financial success in the future.

Libra. It will not be easy to define your feelings. But it is necessary to do it. Mutual feelings are expected of you, and you can’t decide on a serious step. Perhaps, being alone with your thoughts, you will finally find the only right solution.

Scorpio. Scorpios are better off not improvising this week. On the contrary, make a clear plan of action. Only in this case success is guaranteed. Tension can build up in a relationship with a lover.

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Sagittarius. Great time to make new contacts and resuscitate old connections. Don’t miss the chance that the stars give. Follow the signs of destiny, she will certainly give them. The key to success is well-verified steps.

Capricorn. This week, you may be turning into some kind of business deal that looks more like an adventure than something officially legal. And although you will obviously have to worry a little, everything will turn out exactly as you planned.

Aquarius. After a little hesitation between profit and justice, you will make a choice in favor of the latter. Don’t worry, the goldfish you released now will do you good service three times. But, remembering a famous fairy tale, do not particularly exploit it.

Fish. Trust your intuition in solving current issues in the near future. This time she will not fail and show the right way. High risk of catching a cold. At the first symptoms of the disease go home for treatment.

Astrologer: Waldemar Nebokhodtsev

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