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General astrological forecast for the week of April 4 to 10 for all zodiac signs.

Aries. Aries during the week should avoid decisions based on superstition and intuition. Astrologers recommend paying special attention to business communication with more experienced partners.

Taurus. There is a chance of a bad trip this week. So if you are planning to go somewhere, it is better to postpone the trip to a more favorable moment.

The twins. What led you and gave you hope, like Mary Poppins, flew to others in distress. Now you are able to control your own destiny.

Cancer. Now is a good time to go on a long journey. Those representatives of this sign who prefer to stay at home, can visit the muse.

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Lion. Nothing will be given easily. The world around you will not only not want to bend, but everyone will try to bend you at the right time.

Virgo. Small problems, like mosquitoes, will stick to you from all sides. But you will not be a mistake and, having correctly calculated the direction and force of the blow, kill everyone at once with one powerful slap.

Libra. This week there is a high probability of some great successes in creativity, and it is possible that they will help you achieve some commercial goal.

Scorpio. In the first half of the week, Scorpios will see what their business or personal relationship has come to. The sphere of connections and communication is experiencing problems, someone will leave the immediate environment.

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Sagittarius. There may be friction with the leadership, which, figuratively speaking, did not catch your hand, but suspects a lot. Most of these suspicions are unfounded, but we should not talk about it.

Capricorn. This week you may lose the disposition of a person who was previously very loyal to you, helped you and forgave you many of your mistakes. Try not to allow this.

Aquarius. The collective is a kind of social mind, which is not a simple sum of its constituent intellects. Therefore, it is useless to argue with him.

Fish. Pisces has a promising week for a career change. It is possible that you will be made an unexpected offer for a new position, the pros and cons of which will be difficult to assess.

Astrologer: Waldemar Nebokhodtsev

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