“It’s sad” – the star of “Startrek” said that he thinks about the upcoming film

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A couple of weeks ago, JJ Abrams shocked everyone by announcing a new (fourth) Startrek, the shooting of which is scheduled for this year. And if the former cast was not considered necessary to warn about this in advance, then in the time that has passed since then, the information has been brought to them. Or they just read the media.

Anyway, Zoe Saldana now exactly aware and ready to share their emotions about it. Of course, the actress could not help but remember Anton Yeltsin, who tragically died in 2016:

We are very excited. At the same time, it is sad – we are meeting together for the fourth time, but one member of the team is no longer with us. But we really believe that if we go back and bring the Startrek family together again, it will help Anton to continue living in our minds and hearts, because he was a huge fan. He was an incredibly dedicated artist – the craft in general and “Startrek” in particular. So it will be cool to go back to work and reunite with our gang.

In addition to Saldana’s Startreke 4 Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Carl Urban and John Cho are due to return.

The premiere is scheduled for December 22, 2023, but in the case of the long-suffering franchise, nothing can be sure.

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