“It’s been less than six months”: Zavorotnyuk’s daughter spoke about the consequences of a serious illness

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Anna Zavorotnyuk

Photo: @ anna_zavorotnyuk / instagram

Anna Zavorotnyuk in the summer of last year she contracted a coronavirus infection. But, answering questions from fans, she admitted that six months later she can not get rid of the unpleasant consequences of this serious disease. The model has previously complained that gets tired quickly, feels dizzy and the smells still haven’t come back to her.

“Anna, what do you have in mind now?” One of the subscribers asked.

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t feel anything, although 6 months have passed “,

– Anna answered frustrated.

Anna Zavorotnyuk told in detail how she learned that she contracted covid. She felt the first signs immediately after returning from a trip along the Black Sea coast. The next day she had symptoms of a cold, and then she became very ill. Daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk stated that at first she felt an unusual pain in her body and the doctor recommended that she take a test for covid. It gave a positive result, and in a couple of days she lost her sense of smell and taste. Anna says she felt incredibly weak and even brushed her teeth while sitting in the bathroom because she didn’t have the strength to stand.

And recently a 24-year-old daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who rarely shares information about her mother’s condition, made an exception. In her microblog, Anna answered some questions about the actress’ health. “My mother is very ill, but we are being treated, we believe in the best, and I very much hope that we will win everything,” Anna wrote in her story.

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