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The material contains spoilers of both the film and the book.

David Fincher’s “Fight Club” was released on the Chinese service Tencent Video in January, and viewers immediately paid note that the ending in this version has been changed – in it the authorities reveal Tyler Durden’s plan.

Stories about criminals in cinema are often censored in China, as the country adheres to the rule that crime must always be punished.

Viewers who knew the original ending criticized this attitude to the film, but writer Chuck Palahniuk, who wrote the novel in which the picture was taken, is even pleased with it. In a conversation with TMZ he notedthat such a version is much closer to his vision of history.

The irony is that the Chinese version of the ending is much closer to the end of the book, while Fincher’s ending is more impressive visually.

Chuck Palahniuk


In the finale of the book, Tyler Durden’s extremist project also fails, as in the Chinese version of the film, but not because of the police, but because of the bomb problem. After that, the narrator decides to shoot himself and wakes up in a psychiatric hospital, thinking that he has gone to heaven.

Palanik also noted that he was surprised by the sharp reaction of fans from the United States to the changed ending in China, when the writer himself has been struggling with various bans in the United States for many years.

Interestingly, my books are strictly banned in the States. Texas prisons refuse to keep them in libraries, as do many public schools and most private ones. However, this became a problem only when the ending of the film was changed in China? I have been fighting bans for many years.

Chuck Palahniuk


Finally, the writer noted that the situation with a changed ending, when he himself can not do anything about it, is also not news to him. For example, foreign book publishers often changed the finale of his book to match David Fincher’s film.

Fight Club ending changed for Chinese online cinemas – authorities reveal Tyler’s plan Dorden

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Many local viewers criticized the censors.

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