it turned out with whom Dava was vacationing abroad

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The fan received evidence of the blogger’s relationship.

There was confirmation of gossip about the personal life of David Manukyan.

This is not the first month that David Manukyan and Marie Kraimbrery have talked about the novel. The other day Dava admitted that he was not alone again, but did not reveal his lover’s name. And Marie herself is silent. However, indirect evidence of a romantic relationship between the stars was still found. Apparently, the couple is vacationing abroad together.

And the reason for the new rumors was an innocent photo shoot. One schoolboy noticed his idol and asked to take a joint photo. Dava agreed. But that’s not all! His companion, who was Kraimbreri, also willingly posed in an embrace with a boy, writes

Now fans have almost no doubt: the former Olga Buzova is really dating a young singer. Recently Gives surprised fans: he wants to get married this year. Who knows, maybe he saw the same one in Marie?

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