It turned out awkwardly: the director of “Black Panther” was mistaken for a bank robber and detained

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Film Comics DirectorBlack pantherRyan Kugler was mistaken for a bank robber and detained by police. The incident occurred at the Bank of America branch in Atlanta on January 7, when the director tried to withdraw from his personal account 12 thousand dollars.

According to a police report, Kugler, wearing a COVID-19 mask, sunglasses and a hat, presented the officer with an identity card and a cashier’s check. The latter contained a note requesting the transfer of money “elsewhere”, which ended with the words “I would like to go unnoticed”.

According to the newspaper The New York TimesKugler paid with the family doctor’s assistant and asked for caution for security reasons due to the large amount of cash he requested.

Because the amount withdrawn exceeded $ 10,000, the transaction initiated an automatic alert. The pregnant African-American cashier, who feared for her own life, then informed her boss of the danger of the robbery and the police were called.

The recording shows the director being handcuffed and taken out of the bank. He then explained that he had done nothing wrong and was released after checking his documents.

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