It became known who was hiding in a Monster costume in the show “Mask”

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01:06, 02.05.2022

All members of the jury decided that the Monster was Alexei Vorobyov, but when the participant took off the mask, they saw the face of Anita Tsoi.

A singer and a TV presenter were suspected under the costume of a funny blue one-eyed Monster from the very first issue Alexei Vorobyov. He expressed this version at the beginning of the project Timur Batrutdinovand the whole season Monstrick got his jokes and tricks.

The monster became the bronze medalist of the 3rd season show “Mask”, losing the championship to Anubis and the Dragon. The members of the jury unanimously believed that the singer and TV presenter Alexei Vorobiev was hiding under a mask. It should be noted that Monster staged a real show for each issue – he trolled the jury members with his sparkling standup, then bullied the host of the show Vyacheslav Makarov, then pulled the Dragon’s tail. At the time of removing the mask in the final, the participant remained true to himself. Taking off the head of the furry monster, the contestant showed her face Anita Tsoi!! We will remind, I constantly saw this artist Philip Kirkorov in most women’s masks every season. Kirkorov’s expression at that moment was unforgettable. Regina Todorenko she broke the trick and started shouting: “Leshka! Leshka! ” Vorobiev took off Anita Tsoi’s rubber mask and thanked the producers and creators for the project. The artist noted that thanks to the show, he was able to prove himself as a stand-up comedian and showman.

At the time of removing the mask, Monster played the jury and the audience

Recall that Monstrick came on stage with roses in his paws, thus hinting that he had previously participated in the show “The Bachelor”. And in another issue he sang Vorobyov’s song “Crazy”. What did we learn about him in the tips? Monster is a professional singer, but his personal life is not difficult. The man is creative and creative, directs tic-talk, and that he was on the stage of KVN.

Monster “Opera” «2

Note that Monstrick had strong vocal numbers: “Opera” №2 Vitas, “Final Countdown” by Europe, “Late Evening in Sorrento” by Alexei Glyzin. Among the versions who could hide under this mask, the jury initially named Danila Kozlovsky, Valery Kipelov, Dimash and Vitaly Gogunsky, but these versions did not rely on the facts revealed by the participant. And soon everyone stopped guessing – the participant sang in such a sparrow’s voice.

Alexey Vorobiev in the show “Mask”

The third season of the show “Mask” is over, but next Sunday the viewers of the NTV channel will have a special issue, which will consist of the brightest numbers.

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