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It became known about the whereabouts of Philip Kirkorov: News: People

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Singer Philip Kirkorov on the eve of his anniversary, which he will celebrate in a month, April 30, made fans worried. Channel Five reports that for some time the artist disappeared from social networks, as a result of which rumors spread among fans about his departure from Russia.

Journalist Alena Zhigalova, presenter YouTube-show “Alena, damn!”, said she knew the location of the star. According to her, Kirkorov is now in Moscow and is preparing for a concert in the Kremlin on the occasion of his 55th birthday.

“He is not missing, he is sitting in Moscow. Preparing for his anniversary. Philip Kirkorov will be 55 years old in April, and he is to give concerts in the Kremlin. And here, in the Kremlin, at a concert, you will all see him, “Zhigalova said. She added that she would not speak on behalf of the artist, but suggested that he was very worried and therefore did not publish posts on social networks.

Earlier it became known the approximate price for Kirkorov’s performance at the corporate party.

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