It became known about the divorce of the main boss of the show “Voice” with the star of the movie “You never dreamed…”

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Tatiana Aksyuta, the star of the films “The Tale of Travels” and “You Never Dreamed of…”, turns 65 today, March 12. The last 15 of them, having abandoned their artistic careers, she leads a drama group in the House of Creativity of the capital’s park “Sokolniki”. And she says that she is happy with everything she has.

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According to people close to Tatiana Vladimirovna, she considers herself a very happy person. And the anniversary will be met surrounded by students, friends and colleagues.

Tatiana Vladimirovna treats life philosophically. Photo: YouTube / Moscow City Methodological Center

The height of the miniature movie star is only 150 centimeters. At the same time, in her youth, she was always friends with the tallest guys. And while studying at GITIS, she married almost two-meter classmate Yuri Aksyuta, who has long been the main producer of music and entertainment broadcasting on the First Channel.

Yura and Tanya. Photo from personal archive

– Then, in 1978, he was the tallest, and I was the youngest at the institute, – the actress once shared. – At the entrance exams I immediately noticed Yura and realized with some special instinct that he is my destiny. we got married in the second year, the first in our group. You could, of course, live without signing. But in Soviet times there were a lot of conventions.

The couple’s only daughter, Polina Aksyuta, will soon be 38. While still studying at the Gorky Literary Institute, where she studied translation, she met her future husband, Yevgeny Zavadsky. He studied at the Faculty of Fiction.

– The daughter has been living in Tallinn with her husband for some time, – shared Yuri Viktorovich with “Express newspaper”. – Apparently, the genes have affected. They work for the Estonian TV channel ETV +. Prior to that, Polina’s husband worked for us for several years on the First Channel, in the Directorate of Information Programs. Polina graduated from the Literary Institute, then studied in France for two years.

Polina Aksyuta and her husband Evgeny Zavadsky have been living in Estonia for a long time. Photo:

Polina has not yet given her grandson or granddaughter to famous parents.

And Tatiana Aksyuta admitted in a pre-anniversary interview that she recently divorced Yuri:

– My Yura is a brilliant producer, I especially adore the show “Voice. Where are you”. Although I do not watch often, but I am proud of my husband, for his great work. Most recently, in 2021, Yura and I officially divorced. For me, over the years of marriage, he became a close and family man. Now we are friends.

Yuri Aksyuta with composer Igor Nikolaev and the current chosen one – employee of the First Channel Svetlana Karaerova. Photo by Larisa Kudryavtseva

By the way, did you know that our today’s jubilee Tatiana Aksyuta was 23 when she played a schoolgirl in the movie “You never dreamed …”? And her partner Nikita Mikhailovsky – 16.

Aksyuta and Mikhailovsky in the film “You never dreamed …”. Photo: Legion-media

He actually went to school and became an orphan two years earlier: his mother-model died of a heart defect. After the filming, Tatiana and Nikita practically did not communicate.

In 1990, 26-year-old Mikhailovsky was diagnosed with leukemia – blood cancer. Aksyuta also took part in the fundraiser for a bone marrow transplant operation in London. Even Margaret Thatcher helped. But all efforts were in vain. Mikhalovsky died at the age of 27. He is survived by two children, a daughter and an illegitimate son.

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