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“Whitesnake” was released on March 30, 1987 – the seventh studio album of the British rock band of the same name Whitesnake. Initially, the album was released around the world with different titles, track lists and different labels. In Europe and Australia, it was called “1987” and included two additional songs, “Looking for Love” and “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again,” which are missing from the North American version. And in Japan, the album was released as “Serpens Albus” with a North American tracklist. Updated releases dedicated to the 20th and 30th anniversaries have a common list of tracks, including additional tracks.

What all the versions of the albums had in common was that they had a new version of the 1982 hit (and Whitesnake’s main hit) “Here I Go Again”, as well as a new song “Is This Love”, which became the second most important for the band after ” Here I Go Again ’87 “, taking 1st place in Spain, 9th place in the UK and 2nd place in the US, where she lost the palm of the championship song” Faith “by George Michael.

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The song “Is This Love” was the sixth track on the album and was released as a single in October 1987. In its structure, it is a power ballad and was written by vocalist David Coverdale and guitarist John Sykes during the early process of writing the album (which took place in the south of France), but it has long been rumored that the song was originally written for Tina Turner. Coverdale confirmed these rumors in a booklet for the 20th anniversary of Whitesnake, where he wrote: “Before my departure [на юг Франции] an EMI friend asked me about any ideas that would suit Tina Turner. So that’s where the original idea for “Is This Love” came from. “However, according to Coverdale, when David Geffen heard the song, he asked him to save it for Whitesnake.

The video for “Is This Love” was shot by Marty Kellner and features Tony Kitaen, Coverdale’s future wife, as a sequel to “Here I Go Again ’87”, which came out in parallel with the single a few months earlier. Is This Love “:

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I did not find a decent video of a live performance of the song “Is This Love” in the 80’s, but there is an interesting recording from a concert in Russia in 1994:

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