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Is the era gone? Elizabeth II left the royal palace forever

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But there is no talk of transferring the crown yet.

After suffering from the coronavirus, Queen Elizabeth II is no longer able to rule the country from Buckingham Palace. After recovering from covid, the 95-year-old British monarch had to make a difficult decision – to go to where Prince Philip died.

Elizabeth II left Buckingham Palace and finally moved to Windsor Castle. Now the queen will have to rule the state from there, but it’s even better for her.

Windsor is considered the home of Elizabeth II: here she lived during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, here she met the death of Prince Philip’s husband and, finally, this is where the conditions the queen needs.

“Here live her favorite ponies, dogs and a couple of sons, who will always be happy to visit her for tea. The Queen loves Windsor, as well as related memories of Prince Philip. Therefore, everything is logical, “the royal author Hugo Vickers was quoted as saying DailyMail.

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