Is Batman saved? The legendary Volodarsky is ready to return to the voice of cinema

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It remains only to resolve a small issue.

The disgusting voice of 71-year-old translator and radio host Leonid Volodarsky is known to everyone who has watched the old militants on videotape. Here and “Terminator”, and “Nightmare on Elm Street”, and what not. The dubbing actor hasn’t worked on big news for a long time, but now he seems to have changed his mind.

“No problem, pay the money – I’ll transfer. I am ready to meet, but not for free. I don’t think video pirates will show up unless they are enthusiasts. It will not be possible to make money on this, “Volodarsky said.

Leonid Veniaminovich admits to voice Matt Reeves’ conditional “Batman” in a conversation with the portal “Rise”he does not mind, but the quality of most new Hollywood movies leaves much to be desired:

“The quality of this Hollywood production, in my opinion, is finished. You watched it to get intellectual ecstasy, and I got paid for it. “

Have you watched movies in Volodarsky’s voice acting?

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