Iranian director Asgar Farhadi has been found guilty of plagiarism

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Oscar winner Asgar Farhadi (Divorce of Nader and Simin) has been found guilty of plagiarizing the idea for his recent film, the social drama Hero. The relevant verdict was issued by the court of Iran.

Farhadi borrowed the idea and theme of “Hero” from one of his students and did not indicate her name in the captions. The short film “All Winners, All Losers” was conceived by Farhadi student Azade Mazizadeh in 2014 and was shown for the first time in 2018.

According to the student, in 2019 Farhadi called her to the office and forced her to sign papers under which all rights to history pass to him. Because of the pressure, Azade obeyed. Farhadi later claimed that he learned about the story from the media and only transferred it to the screen.

In the center of the plot of both films is a man who is in prison for debt. He soon finds a bag with gold coins that he can use to pay off his debts, but decides to announce the find. The owner soon appears to be launching a chain of unpredictable events.

Now the court will decide what specific punishment Farhadi will suffer. The most severe sentence may be the transfer of all proceeds from the screening of the film in cinemas and streaming Azad. Farhadi could also be jailed. He will not be able to challenge the decision.

“Hero” was first shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, where it won the Grand Prix of the jury. The film was also shortlisted for an international Oscar shortlist, but could not be nominated. The film was released in Russia on March 3 this year.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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