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Iosif Prigozhin: “They fed here, and now they spit in the well.” Person | Culture

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In an interview with music producer Joseph Prigogine told why they are with Valeria traveled to Israel why he does not condemn Pugachev and Galkinaand why Russia had no other choice in relations with Ukraine.

Vladimir Polupanov, Iosif, in the conditions of tough sanctions against Russia, any trips of famous people are given close attention. You and Valeria flew to Israel the other day, and people suspected that it was emigration. Isn’t that right?

Joseph Prigogine: Of course, what is happening is madness. A special military operation in Ukraine cannot but cause alarm in any normal person. Not everyone understands, not everyone understands what is happening at all. But why suspect anyone who has left the country for a few days of treason? How can Alla Pugachev, Maxim Galkin, Ivan Urgant be suspected of this? I’m not going to judge anyone. Everyone has the right to express their attitude to what is happening.

Our state behaves democratically in relation to its citizens: it did not forbid having dual citizenship, opening accounts abroad, buying real estate. The state contributed to the integration of its citizens into world civilization at the legislative level.

And now I explain why Valeria and I went to Israel. On December 26, 2020, my mother, who has lived there for 32 years, turned 80 years old. Beloved Aunt Gale turned 85 on March 7 this year. In fact, she is my second mother, we are so spiritually close. There also lives a close friend of mine who lay in a coma for two months. We haven’t seen him since the pandemic began. Valeria was scheduled to have a concert on March 7, but it was canceled. And we decided to fly to the aunt’s anniversary, and at the same time see all the loved ones.

On March 6, Lera and I went to pancake pancakes at Agalar Estate, and on March 7, we rushed to Israel without things. March 9 has already returned. Yes, there are tough sanctions against our country. But no one canceled life.

– Today, the fighting took place not only on the battlefield, but also in the information space, social networks. Ukraine “arrests” Russian cultural figures in absentia, artists swear at each other …

– Russia has always treated Ukrainian artists with respect, without aggression. They worked here, some lived in Moscow, ate and drank, did not pay taxes here. And today, instead of standing up for peace, they began to call for war against all those who speak Russian. Everything Russian in Europe is burned with hot iron.

Ukrainian refugees in Moldova stage fights and pogroms. “Don’t speak to us in Russian,” they told Moldovans. And what do you need to talk about? And what’s with the language? A huge mass of people speak on it. Many Russian-speaking people live in Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine. Not all of them share Putin’s policy. Why attack them? There is total discrimination.

Max Barskikh stated that he did us a favor when he came to Russia to earn money. He called our country “leaky.” It was not a shame to take money from Russian oligarchs and not pay taxes from them, it was not a shame to sing in Russian. And now, you see, he is taking away his rights, driving to the country where he ate and earned money. Well, just a scoundrel!

The tragedy is that Ukraine was not prepared for self-defense, but for war against us. If you are a civilian, you say, why have bacteriological laboratories been opened in your territory, why has the West pumped you with weapons? So it was not Russia that attacked Ukraine. It was the West that used it as a bullet against our country.

No one is hiding there that their main task is to overthrow Putin just as they once overthrew Gaddafi in Libya. This is openly said.
Unfortunately, civilians are dying. I don’t want blood to be shed. But we were left with no choice. Can Russia arrange a carpet bombing on the territory of Ukraine? Of course it can. But the president does not do that, his task is to minimize the number of casualties among the civilian population.

– By the way, yes, many of your colleagues bought real estate abroad, which now can not be used.

– How is this possible in a civilized European country ?! Where are the vaunted European values, democracy? Give the opportunity to sell, and then say, “Get out of here.” The West lured Russians to invest in their banks and buy securities. Our private and even public funds have been invested in the foreign economy. And now they are trying to take away all material assets, to ban everything Russian.

“They thought there could be nothing worse than a coronavirus pandemic.” It turns out that there is something worse.

– I think the pandemic is a carefully planned prelude to World War III. The United States first bombed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia … Did anyone impose sanctions on them? No. It is impossible to even imagine this.

Everyone understands that America rules the world. And if Russia “fell” under American “values”, then, perhaps, there would be no sanctions, and the country itself. In short, all that is happening today is a fight without rules with the destruction of all the laws previously written by the West itself. We tried to live by the rules of Western civilization, which turned out to be a great illusion.

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