Insiders talk about Kate Beckinsale and Jason Momo’s flirtation at the Oscars

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Kate Beckinsale and Jason Momoa

After the official part of the Oscars, the stars went to various events. Kate Beckinsale and Jason Momoa attracted attention at the Vanity Fair party – according to insiders, they spent time together and flirted with each other.

They stood at the bar and chatted. They both smiled, they were very enthusiastic about the conversation. He hugged her several times, and she smiled broadly. They definitely had a good time and were very comfortable. Kate and Jason talked to other people, but always kept each other in sight,

– said one of the eyewitnesses.

Kate Beckinsale and Jason MomoaKate Beckinsale and Jason Momoa

The paparazzi were able to see the couple only on the street near the Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills, where the Vanity Fair was taking place. The actors continued to chat with each other, and at one point Jason took off his jacket and threw it over Kate’s shoulders – she came in the evening in a translucent lace dress Zuhair Murad and probably froze.

Another source said that they “flirted” both at the Vanity Fair party and at the Jay-Z party.

Kate Beckinsale and Jason Momoa

Kate, 48, is now an unmarried woman and is not officially dating anyone. In 2019, she divorced director Len Wiseman (they broke up in 2015), after which she had several short romances, including with comedian Pete Davidson, with whom she is now dating Kim Kardashian. But 42-year-old Momoa recently reunited with his wife Lisa Bone – in January this year, they announced their separation, but then gave their relationship a second chance. Lisa and Jason have been together for 16 years, four of whom are married. However, the actor came to the Oscars alone.

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