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And Bethesda showed a lot of concept art of the game.

Enon Zur, who became the composer of Starfield, told about the work on her soundtrack in the next Bethesda video diary about the creation of the game. Mark Lampert, who leads the Starfield audio design team, commented with him.

One of the most difficult tasks of the composer, according to Zura, is to choose the clock size. When working on the Starfield soundtrack, he used an approach he called The Sanctified Triplet: first one tune plays, then the music changes a bit, and then it goes back to the original sound.

Zur wanted to show in this way that “everything flows, everything changes, but eventually returns to normal.” According to the composer, this applies not only to music, but also to the central theme of Starfield – space travel, during which people seek to complete their mission and return home.

Starfield’s setting – space – Inon Zur tried to express in the work with the orchestra. Thus, the rapid play of a group of wooden wind instruments, according to his design, symbolizes the movement of cosmic particles. And the long crescendo and diminuendo, performed by a group of bows, seem to envelop the waves of these particles. The central role is played by brass instruments, especially horns.

Starfield is set to release on November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X | S.

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