Indonesian influencer underwent cosmetic surgery to look like Fox from BLACKPINK

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A popular Indonesian queer person Lucinta Luna caused a real stir on the Internet with its recent appearance. She is said to have undergone cosmetic surgery to look like her favorite k-pop idol, a member of the band. BLACKPINK Fox.

On her social media page, she posted a series of photos showing her face covered in bandages. In one of them, a girl is sitting in a wheelchair and is accompanied by a nurse. In a caption to the photos, the 32-year-old blogger wrote: “Goodbye Lucinta Luna».

According to the location she noted in her Instagram post, she allegedly underwent cosmetic surgery at the Kannam clinic. However, some suspect that the influencer is lying and that she is not in Korea at all.

Adding to the doubts is the fact that the nurse in the photo looks Indonesian. It was also noted that South Korea opened its borders to foreign tourists only on April 1, 2022.

Earlier Lucinta Luna appealed to her subscribers through the storis to listen to their assumptions about which of the celebrities she will look like after the operation. She then uploaded a video with the participant BLACKPINK Fox and called herself “Lucinta Black Panther».

In addition, by sharing information about the plastic surgery, Lucinta posted a poster of Korean drama “The birth of beauty” with Khan E Sil in the lead role. As you know, the plot is about a woman who has plastic surgery to become beautiful.

Later, she uploaded another poster on the subject – to the film “200 pound beauty». The plot is based on the story of a famous pop singer who decides to transform her whole body to change her appearance when she learns that the producer is in love with her.

So far Lucinta Luna did not show her face after the operation, but everyone is interested to know if she managed to get closer to the desired ideal.

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