Independent distributors commented on the current situation in film distribution

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Yulia Muravova and Mark Gubarenko also answered BC’s questions

Independent distributors commented on the current situation in film distribution for the “Film Distributor’s Bulletin”. We asked what independent market players intend to do in the face of re-disappearance from the repertoire of studio releases and whether they are ready to release films in the near future.

Procurement Director: Pro: View Mark Gubarenko reported that the distributor continues to adhere to the already announced release schedule: “Tomorrow we have a dramatic thriller HERO, which shows quite clearly that you need to defend your truth, especially if you are not really guilty of anything. At the end of March, we release a new film directed by PERFECT STRANGERS (and it is his director’s project, not one of many producers) SUPERHEROES it is a drama about love, and we believe that love can save the world. It is possible that our schedule will be updated in the near future, we will inform you about this in addition. We are, like everyone else, in a situation where it is impossible to plan and understand the development of events, but, of course, we try to believe in a successful outcome».

Releases of “Exhibitors” in March and April (we have six) will be released on their datesShe said Julia Muravova. – We hope that our projects will help cinemas during this period. At the same time, we understand, of course, that without studio content it will be extremely difficult for cinemas to function for a long time, so we hope to restore film distribution in full as soon as possible. “

Head of Arna Media Nadezhda Motina also said that her company had taken a course to support film screenings, as was the case during the height of the coronavirus pandemic: “We work full time. All releases scheduled for rental will be released. We are in a situation of complete uncertainty, but our task, as in Kovid, support cinemas, provide them with a variety of content».

Vera Fetishcheva said that Capella Film also continues to work on a daily basis: “Capella Film plans to continue to work according to the previously announced release schedule. At the moment, the next planned films are a psychological thriller MANIA from March 24 and festival drama DECLINE with Tim Roth in the lead role from April 14 – remain on their dates. We will be sure to let you know if our package of releases or release dates change».

«We have formed a release plan for May inclusive. Among the films there are Russian, there are foreign films. All foreign films under this plan were bought before the fall in exchange rates, so we are preparing to release them– shared Maxim Rogalsky– хotya and we understand that we will not do without losses. It is now impossible to predict anything, even in the medium term. We hope that this situation will be resolved soon. Next we will start from the new reality».

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