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Artists and residents of Vladivostok, one way or another related to the improvement of the urban environment, gathered in the library “Buk” to talk about the pressing problems of street art and ways to solve them. In particular, they tried to find out whether graffiti can be good and how to guide vandals to the true path.


He performed most of the time Pavel Shugurov, Head of the Department of Architecture and Design of the Urban Environment of the Vladivostok Administration, who was the initiator of the meeting. He spoke about how the mayor’s office plans to fight illegal art in the near and long term. However, before you even start talking about drawings or graffiti, it is important to understand the terminology. Shugurov explained to the audience that street art, according to its gradation, is conditionally divided into three types: graffiti, street art and muralism. There is also a fourth, more monumental view – but it is for those who have reached serious heights.

Meanwhile, the types of art differ depending on to whom the artist addresses his work. For example, graffiti is a subcultural phenomenon.

“The boys write their name or the name of their team in places forbidden for this purpose in the city. So they get adrenaline. The most important thing for these guys is to be popular in their environment, and they are not interested in what people will think, ”Pavel Shugurov explained.

The next step is street art. These are unauthorized works that the artist does on his own behalf, but at the same time he seeks feedback from others. That is, he is interested in how people feel when they look at his creations. This category, for example, includes the world’s most famous street artist, who works under the pseudonym Banksy.

“He creates art at his own expense, and it is important to him that people think about it,” Shugurov explained. Author’s works, according to the head of the department of architecture and design of the urban environment, are a priority for the Vladivostok administration.

“The task of the mayor’s office is to find suitable places for certain authors. It is very important that all our work is recognizable. For example, Moscow likes to draw characters from Russian history. I am very opposed to this and try to explain that it is not the plot that is important in our city, but that this work was done by a specific author. This shows that anything is possible in Vladivostok, “he said.

A trace in history

At the third conditional stage in the gradation of street art is muralism – it is a legal large-scale painting, a kind of monumental art, such paintings almost always have a customer. For those who have already “outgrown”, Pavel Shugurov offers to try yourself in new formats: for example, work with wood or mosaic.

“What is the story here? This is how a person learns to communicate with the city. Here he “gets on the head” [за нанесение граффити в неустановленных местах. – Прим]here – learns to speak one language [создавая «легальный» стрит-арт – Прим.]here – to manage public opinion on a professional level [взойдя на «степень» монументальной живописи. – Прим.]. And when he has learned this, he has something to say not only to this generation that lives next to him, but also something for the future. As we now walk next to the monumental works of Soviet masters – it is very cool that they remained, because it is a completely different plastic language, completely different images. And our descendants will also look at our works, ”the artist said.

At the same time, those who are now on the first level must be pulled to the third.

“Graffiti is definitely a bad thing. And we have to put him out of the game. “There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ graffiti, as they often like to say,” Shugurov said.

However, such an opinion is not popular among artists (and not only them). For example, I did not agree with him owner of a youth goods store (including cans, markers and paints) Denis Gorbunov.

“Without graffiti, there will be no game,” he said. – We need to be aware of where everything is coming from. Without the first stage, the second and third are impossible. But such artists need to be directed, “he said.

Whip and gingerbread

Nevertheless, Pavel Shugurov – and with him the city administration – offers two ways to “fight graffiti.” So far this is just a concept, but everything is going to be accepted and implemented.

They are going to act by the method of whip and gingerbread. The “whip” is a demonstrative punishment of vandals, when an artist caught by the hand is forced to publicly wipe the drawing. The process is complex and long, and often hopeless: many surfaces absorb the paint so much that it is impossible to wash it off. It is enough to hold such “demonstrations” once a year, Pavel believes.

There are more “gingerbreads”. For example, you can arrange in each area of ​​the city walls for free painting. According to the idea, it should work like this: artists themselves buy cans, paints, paint areas of such free walls. Then, if desired, they photograph their best works and send them to the mayor’s office website.

“Those who show themselves in a special way will be able to get a legal large object. And, accordingly, to earn, ”says Pavel Shugurov.

Now the administration is just looking for such walls. They should be safe and comfortable: stay away from the roadway, not be too high and so on.


Gingerbread also includes master classes and meetings with famous street artists who have weight in the community. This year they want to implement just such an idea.

“We have an action planned for August. Its meaning is that the artist should not just come and draw something, but also work with the local community – talk to people, understand the mood and eventually create a kind of energy information field (egregor) of the area, “- added Paul.

While the list of candidates is being clarified.

“The mayor’s office has 10 million, which is intended for the improvement of municipal facilities, such as underpasses and retaining walls. Also this year, the money is invested in new technologies in urban design, – said Shugurov. – For example, on the way to Russia, we filled the walls with textured concrete, in which we left niches. They are prepared for the mosaic. “

The administration is also ready to provide artists with small objects for painting – for example, switchboards like this was last year.

In addition, the city plans to hold two festivals. According to Denis Gorbunov, who is their initiator, anyone can take part. The first is the annual Extreme Festival “Bridges”, which combines sports and street art. The organizers are still considering only two walls in the center of Vladivostok, but it is possible that their number will change in the future.

The second festival – “Vladivostok – the city we love” – ​​started last year. Then artists painted six walls. Now they are targeting the facades of five-story buildings built along Russkaya Street.

The artists who took part in the discussion mostly asked clarifying questions and shared practical experience. As a result, they decided to continue communication in the online format, where each of the voiced proposals will be analyzed in more detail.

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