In Toropets, the library presented new books

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In March, the fund of the Toropets Central Library was replenished with new books.

In honor of such an event, librarians invited colleagues to review the literature “Spring with a new book.”

After all, each of them should not only know the authors and titles of books, but also be aware of new books, among which – works for all tastes, said the library.

For example: G. Yakhina’s new novel “Echelon to Samarkand”, which is very popular among readers on the Internet.

Fans of thrillers and detective stories will love the books by A. Marinina, A. Knyazeva, E. Mikhailova, E. Gorskaya, T. Ustinova, S. Litvinova.

Women’s prose is represented by the works of M. Metlitskaya, E. Wilmont, N. Nesterova. The fantastic genre is represented by such authors as A. Kamenev, V. Poselyagin, A. Baikalov.

Among the novelties are books from the most popular series: “Siberian Adventure Novel”, “Tankers of the Thirty-Four”. They were dying “,” KGB Special Forces “,” Kolychev. The best crime drama “and others.

From foreign literature – novels by A. Todd, J. Grisham, N. Roberts.

Very soon the new literature will be available for subscription and will be available to readers.

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