In Titan Hunters, music is like DOOM, plus earnings on NFT

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Titan Hunters has been released on iOS and Android. This crescent with the ability to trade weapons and equipment with other players, earning on it.

Titan Hunters Is a mobile project that is available in the App Store and Google Play. Unlike other NFT projects, we will not be building a farm or raising local Pokemon. Instead, the developers offer a bagel with random generation of levels, with no loading between levels. It is a pity that the graphics remained at the same level Minecraftbut during fights with the boss, hard music like this is turned on DOOM.

Between races we get to the hub island, where we improve the equipment and choose skins of different rarities. In addition, there are castles, arenas and even arcade machines, only their functionality will be added with future updates. And so the scheme is simple – you spend energy on the passage of biomes, increasing your rank and earning materials with guns. If there is something valuable, it can be exchanged as NFT and withdrawn through intermediaries. By the way, the developers say that they were inspired by the creation of Titan Hunters Diablo. Is that so? If only with a stretch, but the project is still interesting.

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