In the Kursk region, the couple registered their marriage after setting fire to a house

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It happened in July 2021. After a family quarrel, the woman quarreled with her roommate and decided to rent a house in the village to live separately. By this time, the couple already had two children together.

An annoyed man, not wanting to part with his life partner, came to the same house and set it on fire. After watching the flames from the side, after the arrival of firefighters began to actively participate in extinguishing the fire. Fortunately, the story went without the dead and wounded, but the damage amounted to almost 700 thousand rubles.

According to court officials, the man registered his marriage to his roommate after a criminal case was opened against him. During the trial, it became clear that the woman was expecting her third child.

Taking into account all the circumstances of this unusual case, the court sentenced the arsonist to 1 year and 6 months of forced labor.

The verdict has not yet come into force and can be appealed.

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