In the Kadoshkin district of Mordovia work has begun on the creation of an electronic book of memory

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In the Kadoshkin district of the Republic of Mordovia began work on creating an electronic book of memory.

– We have begun work on the formation of the Electronic Book of Memory in our area, – said “Izvestia Mordovia” head of the Central Library of Kadoshkinsky municipal district Tatiana Limasova. – The military registration and enlistment office provided us with lists of natives of the district who went to the front. We are now finding out exactly how many residents of the area were sent to the war from one village or another. In total during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. 5,000,100 people left the Kadoshkin district to fight.

The creators of the Book of Remembrance have a lot of painstaking work to do with archival documents. Residents of the district, descendants of the Victory Soldiers, can also take part in this work.

“If you have documents in your home archives concerning your relatives and friends who went to the front, please call 89875664567. You can also send the available data to our e-mail address:,” explains Tatiana Sergeevna .

We will note that in the Kadoshkinsky area at present only one veteran of the Second World War – Semyon Andreevich Anashkin remained alive. He turned 96 in February.

We will add that the project on creation of Electronic Books of Memory is begun on behalf of President Vladimir Putin. It is planned that the Books of Remembrance of each settlement with the names of people who died, went missing or returned home will be formed by 2025, ie the 80th anniversary of the Great Victory. The main goal of the project is to perpetuate the memory of the participants of the Great Patriotic War.

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