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In the arms of Kirill Safonov. The last role of Eugenia Brick, who died of cancer, is a photo

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Despite her illness, Evgenia Brik continued to work actively. Last year, the actress managed to star in the series “Nobody Knows”, which, incidentally, was produced by her husband Valery Todorovsky. Evgenia played the role of Dasha’s photographer, and her screen lover Igor was played by Kirill Safonov.

According to the plot, the protagonist is having a heart attack. Fear of imminent death makes a man ignite the idea of ​​”giving” his wife a child. Igor knows that he is infertile, so he decides to find a suitable donor among his friends. At first, Dasha strongly opposes, but gradually agrees with the spontaneous decision of her lover.

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The premiere of the series will take place on Channel One next Monday – April 4. Dasha’s role was the last for the actress. In early February, Eugenia Brick passed away at the age of 40, leaving behind a husband and a teenage daughter.

The public was shocked by the sudden departure of the star, because she shared her optimism on social networks until the last days. However, few people knew that the actress was diagnosed with a terrible disease. Due to cancer, Eugene lost a lot of weight and lost her hair. The haters even criticized the changes in her appearance, unaware of the real tragedy behind it.

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They had no idea about Brick’s disease on the set of “Nobody Knows”. “I do not know any details about Zhenya’s death,” director Alena Zvantsova told reporters. – It was reported two hours ago, so I can not comment on anything. The picture was finished long ago, just not shown. I hope and think that when we worked with Eugene, she was healthy. We haven’t talked for a long time, and only today I found out about her death… This is, of course, terrible news. “

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