“In short, well-known music, I never played it. Free music is my stable, favorite subject “, Kostornaya reports about new programs – Figure skating

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European figure skating champion Alena Kostornaya told about her programs for next season.

– Today you had a new program. Can you tell us about the choice?

– I tried to ride Sevara for the first time today. I can say that it was not 100 percent, it seems, 50 percent of what I can. Naturally, I will improve it, but for the first time it is very good.

There are some unusual details, but I do them very well in training. Here they did not turn out everywhere or not as I would like to see.

Lots of emotions, strong feelings and text that you can’t just go out and skate. It is necessary to feel, to experience, to convey some of your emotional state.

– There is a new show, can you suspend the intrigue, what will be short and arbitrary in the new season?

– I can say that I have never played short music, it will be something old … but also something new. Straight at all! Quite famous music, but new. And free music is my stable theme, my favorite, and let me guess what it is.

– Beloved … Vivaldi climbs into my head again.

– No! We decided that Vivaldi is a stage passed, music passed, I love him madly, but we need to move to a new, new direction, – said Kostornaya.

It is impossible to restart Kostorna until her new coach reboots. This is not the first time Buyanova has taken Tutberidze’s students, but there is no result

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