In Russia, pages about transgender people were cut out of a book for teenagers

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The White Crow Publishing House cut two pages about transgender people from a book for teenagers “Hello, monthly” to avoid accusations of violating Russian law.

Co-founder of the publishing house Tatiana Kormer reported Rise, that the decision was made after consultation with lawyers, who first told them about the laws and law enforcement practices, and then unequivocally hinted that there was a risk of being held accountable. “We were happy to say that if you publish in this form, we will protect you for free. We thought and decided that we are very affected by this concern, but we prefer to reinsure,” Cormer explained.

According to the publisher, the pages could have been saved if the book had been marked “16+”, but at the age of 16 it is too late to tell children this information, Cormer said.

In the Ukrainian version of the book, pages about transgender people have survived.

The book “Hello, monthly” was written by Australian journalist Yumi Steins and doctor Melissa Kang. According to annotations, the book is intended for children of senior school age. According to the publisher’s website, she gives answers to all questions about menstruation – even stupid ones.

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