In Murmansk summed up the competition of children’s manuscript book “All the colors of the North”

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April 29 in the Murmansk Regional Children’s and Youth Library named after VP The celebration of the winners of the jubilee XXV International Children’s Manuscript Competition “All the Colors of the North” took place on Mahayeva Street.

936 authors from 26 settlements of Russia took part in the competition. A total of 205 works in six nominations were submitted to the competition:
– “My mast city” (Murmansk from present to future)
– “Connection of times and generations” (historical events, memorable anniversaries, folk art and traditions of Russia);
– “Reserved World of the Arctic” (to the 90th anniversary of the Kandalaksha State Reserve, to the 30th anniversary of the State Nature Reserve “Pasvik”, also the theme of the unique nature of the Arctic);
– “Borderless Scandinavia” (opening the world of literature, culture, history of the Scandinavian countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden);
– “My strong little people” (indigenous peoples of the North);
– “Silent Book” (drawn stories without words).

The presented competition works differ in genres: these are historical and ecological works, adventure and fiction, poetry and form: large and small, coloring books, guidebooks, toy books.

All winners received gifts and diplomas from the contest partners. The traditional nomination “My strong little people (indigenous peoples)” presents 38 books from participants aged 5 to 21, including both individual authors and collective works.

Olga Korvyakova, Public Relations Specialist of the Department for Work with Indigenous Minorities of the North of the Murmansk Regional Center for Indigenous Minorities of the North and Interethnic Cooperation, took part in awarding the winners of the competition in the nomination “My Strong Little People”.

The children’s manuscript competition has been held since 1997 on the initiative of the Murmansk Regional Children’s and Youth Library. In 1998, it received International status. Currently, the competition is supported by the Governor of the Murmansk region and more than 20 business partners. For 25 years 8313 books from 42384 authors from 65 cities of Russia are presented on competition.

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