In Moscow, director Vitaly Mansky was doused with paint and invited to hold an “Artdofest” in Donbass – Incidents – News of St. Petersburg

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An unknown bearded man in Moscow poured a glass of red paint on director Vitaly Mansky. About it on March 31 reports Telegram channel “Beware of news”.

The attack on Mansky took place at the entrance to the cinema, from which spectators and staff were evacuated half an hour before the screening of The Life of Ivanna Japtune. Footage posted on the Internet shows the director being followed by a man with a beard and a cup of coffee. He approached Mansky and stated that he had already talked to him a year ago, after which he asked why Artdocfest had been canceled.

“Maybe because now is not the time for such festivals? I suggest you hold this festival in Donbass, where people are dying, “he said. Mansky did not answer and tried to distance himself, after which he was covered in paint.

Author: RTVI TV channel

The place is already cordoned off by police. Festival participants were asked to leave the venue, explaining this by receiving a report of mining.

Vitaly Mansky is known for his criticism of the Russian government. Last year, he went out in blue shorts to the FSB building in Lubyanka, after which he talked to Fontanka about his experience in the police department.

Last year, screenings at Artdocfest in St. Petersburg were effectively disrupted after Rospotrebnadzor sealed two halls of the Cinema House, alleging violations of coronavirus restrictions. The organizers of the festival do not know what they are. The second site – “Landok” – itself refused to show “to avoid provocations and the closure of our cultural center.” The president of the festival, director Vitaly Mansky, in an interview with Fontanka linked the disruption of the event with the position of the city authorities. Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Boris Piotrovsky addressed all questions to Rospotrebnadzor.

This year, the organizers of Artdocfest explained in advance what to do to the audience if the festival is disrupted again. So, everyone who bought a ticket will be able to see the movie online.

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