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Ulyanovsk TV journalist Vladimir Korshunov has published a new film from the series “Remember your name…”, the main character of which was the Guards senior lieutenant Vladislav Lukonin. He died in Ukraine on March 7.

Vladislav is the son of Alexander Lukonin, former chairman of the Ulyanovsk regional organization, the Russian Youth Union.

“On March 7, my son, a senior lieutenant of the Guards, Deputy Commander of the Intelligence Company of the 137th Parachute Regiment of the 106th Guards Airborne Tula Red Banner, Order of the Kutuzov Division, died heroically. On March 24 we said goodbye to him in Ulyanovsk … April 1 was 9 days since the funeral, April 15 – 40 days since his death … Please remember on these dates, who can … Posthumously awarded the Order of Courage, remained with us on the joy of Yulechka’s granddaughter is 3.5 years old, ”the father wrote about Vladislav.

Vlad was born on September 26, 1996 in the village of Oktyabrsky, Cherdaklinsky district, Ulyanovsk region. There he went to kindergarten, after which he graduated from high school №24 in Ulyanovsk.

At the age of 14 he started working in the Palace of Creativity of Children and Youth, was a member of the youth labor groups of MBU “Perspective”, the famous project of Farit Minibayev “Island of the Brave” for children from orphanages.

“The last year before entering the Ryazan Airborne School, he was actively preparing physically and morally, sincerely joined the Ulyanovsk Cossacks. Vlad graduated with honors from the Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Command School named after Army General VF Margelov. As a platoon commander, he took part in Russia’s military operation in Syria. He has always been a purposeful guy, and at the same time very kind and responsive! ”Says Alexander Lukonin.

On September 26, 2022, Vladislav would have turned 26 years old.

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