In Kursk, contrary to the statements of the mayor’s office, the Red Bridge is being dismantled

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– At the moment, despite the announcement of the suspension of the demolition of the Red Bridge, it is being cut down, collapsing sections, – said on April 30 in public “Kursky Beaumonde” and published photos.

Activists have long been outraged by the idea of ​​demolishing this building, there were even protests. On April 29, the Kursk City Hall announced the suspension of dismantling. However, the owner of the bridge – the object is on the balance of JSC “Promzheldortrans”, it seems does not plan to keep the object. The owner refused to sell it to the local authorities for 20 million rubles. On April 26, the contractor began dismantling the bridge. It was reported that this work will take 1.5 months.

– We sent an official letter to the owner with a request to suspend work for a month and a half until it becomes clear where the route will pass, and whether it will be possible to use this bridge, – said the chairman of the Kursk Architecture and Urban Planning Committee Irina Anikeeva. – If the designer decides that the bridge is necessary in connection with the passage of the road, then it will have to be removed.

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