In Kursk, a circus performance for excellent students and large families was called a show

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In particular, the parents of excellent children are puzzled. They express dissatisfaction in the official public VKontakte of the Kursk administration.

– Only about this action not to all parents of excellent students the information was brought, – parents note.

– We were brought before the New Year. They talked, but did not give tickets, – said one of the chickens.

– Yes, I was also told about it, but no one invited me to the show, although the child is a round excellent student. It’s a shame, of course, – complains another chicken.

– They didn’t give a ticket to the excellent student, – there are a lot of such complaints.

However, parents from large families were also surprised that the show passed without them.

– Gorgeous! I am a mother of many children – past! Of the three sons, two with disabilities are over! Gorgeous promotions in our city !!! – One of the mothers with many children is indignant.

As a result, the parents of the children, who never got to the show, called everything that happened a show.

– It was possible to hold several performances so that all the kids could get in, – the residents of Kursk are sure. – And what is happening, other than “show-off” can not be called!

By the way, the circus explained that the action for the best will continue in the future. Not all schools have applied to take part in it, but only 54. It is reported that about 2,000 excellent students will be invited to the performances in the spring.

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