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impoverished Sobchak howled with despair

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The presenter who fled Russia saved in vain for the future.

Only a couple of weeks have passed since Ksenia Sobchak’s departure for a planned vacation to Turkey, which miraculously continued in Israel. But during her absence, the economic situation changed, and everything she worked for was a waste of time and effort.

Even investments in the foreign economy did not save. As you know, European politicians have aroused an appetite for Russian property, and they began to actively expropriate it. And Ksenia Anatolyevna has repeatedly boasted that she invests around the world.

“I have always believed in Russia – built a business, created jobs, worked very, very much, earned a lot. Thinking that “then I’ll rest someday.” It was a mistake. The banal “don’t save for the future – it’s not there, it’s only here and now” turned out to be true … Now I don’t know what will happen to me and all of us even tomorrow. But, as they say, “nothing in this world can end in anything”, we will soon learn the solution, “she wrote. Ksenia.

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