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“I’m very lucky!”: Anna Buzova told about her relationship with her mother-in-law

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Anna prefers not to reveal the details of her personal life, but does not hide that she is crazy about Shtrykin, who became her support and support. In addition, Buzova Jr. gets along well with the mother of her beloved Natalia Nikolaevna. “I’m very lucky!” – Anya admits, talking about her mother-in-law, who, by the way, subscribed to her future daughter-in-law on social networks.

Anna Buzova is often asked why she is in no hurry to marry Kostya, since she loves him so much. She admits that she is tired of answering this question.

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“Probably, witnessing the breakup of a huge number of couples and marriages, the stamp in the passport has lost its former importance for us. When I start a discussion on this topic, I always hear the same arguments: need, confidence in each other, confirmation of love, proof of devotion and fidelity… Unfortunately, I have not seen any married couple who would keep a warm relationship inside their cell only thanks to the stamp. How many gorgeous weddings I watched, how many beautiful words and toasts, as many difficult, vile and hateful divorces, “- said 33-year-old Anya.

For a long time now, rumors have been circulating that Anna is not getting along with her sister Olga. Buzova Jr. tries not to touch on this topic.

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“Offending relatives is complete nonsense. Already offended so much that she brought herself to a stroke. I do not hold any more grievances. I love my parents and sister very much. This is unconditional love. She is and will always be in my heart. And no matter how we quarrel, no matter what happens, no matter what misunderstandings arise, family is the most important thing there is. And I will always love my family! ” She reasoned recently.

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