“I’m proud!” Friske showed a touching photo with the baby

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Natalia Friske with her goddaughter

Photo: @friske_natalia / instagram

Natalia Friske told about an important event: her goddaughter was two years old. The parents of the birthday girl named Anastasia are close friends of the deceased’s sister Jeanne Friske. In the summer of 2020, the parents christened the girl, and Natalia was entrusted to be her spiritual mentor.

Today, on the girl’s birthday, Friske shared a touching photo taken immediately after the baptism. In the photo, she looks lovingly at her little goddaughter. In a comment to the photo on Instagram, she addressed her friends, congratulating them on their birthday:

“My little girls, I congratulate you and, of course, congratulate and be proud of my godparents!”

It is worth noting that Natalia will soon fulfill her long-held dream – she will be a mother for the first time. Friske hid her pregnancy for a long time, but on the eve of childbirth, journalists revealed her secret. After that, the expectant mother decided to tell everything about her situation and the upcoming changes in life.

“It was very difficult for him”: Natalia Friske about her father’s reaction to her pregnancy

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Natalia said that she had made several unsuccessful attempts to conceive. As a result, she turned for help to IVF experts. Friske will raise a future daughter without a husband. While in the early stages of her pregnancy, she abandoned her father. It is known that the girl will be bear the mother’s surname. In addition, Jeanne’s sister has already announced that she will give her daughter an original name. “For Russia, this is a very unusual name, so you can not even try! When the baby is born, then I’ll tell, “- intrigues Natalia.

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